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Nematron PowerView HMI Product Guide

PowerView 3000 Series
The PowerView 3000 Series from Nematron is a family of 7" up to 15" HMI panels with improved features that will help improve production and efficiency in any application. Built with rugged durability, the PV-3000 Series is solidly constructed and comes equipped with hardware and software features worth taking a look at for industrial applications requiring an industrial HMI panel graphical operator interface.

NEW! PowerView 8000XE Series
The PowerView 8000XE Series is all about improved performance in industrial HMI technology. For optimal viewinging and displaying of control applications, the PV-8000XE HMI Series offers faster processing and data viewing capabilities than its predecessors.

PowerView 8000iE Series
The PowerView 8000iE Series is next generation embedded HMI hardware from Nematron that helps boost productivity and flexibility with improved features such as brighter LED-backlit displays, faster RISC processing speeds, and more robust communication through Ethernet and Serial.

NEW! PowerView PV-mTV100 HDMI Screenless HMI
The PV-mTV100 separates data processing and displaying. The compact PV-mTV100 can connect various sized TVs or monitors with the HDMI Interface and displays projects via high resolution.

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